Advantages of a Manufactured Home

Where our experience drives our growth.

Here is a list of benefits to buying a manufactured home:

  • Kiln dried lumber
  • Brand name appliances
  • Super insulation packages
  • Professionally designed plans
  • Full perimeter attic ventilation
  • Plywood floor and wall construction
  • Designer custom cabinets and drapery
  • Superior Maple Leaf Homes warranties
  • Pre-Engineered and individually custom built
  • No cost overruns – no waiting for subcontractors
  • Accurate scheduling – no weather or material delays
  • In-plant quality control during each step of construction
  • Efficiently constructed in a controlled indoors plant environment
  • Premium building materials to assure top performance and service
  • Energy efficient brand name components and premium grade materials
  • Quality and innovations that are responsive to your living needs and wishes
  • Management team with over 100 years of experience in the building industry
  • Environmentally friendly production – waste is reduced and recycling is maximized
  • Lower costs and prices by volume purchasing and efficiencies are to your advantage

Our manufactured homes offer the following features:

  • Plywood wall sheathing
  • Plywood floor sheathing
  • Double floors under vinyl flooring
  • Wall studs @ 16" o/c
  • Solid closet doors
  • 1 piece tub/shower
  • 40 gallon hot water heater
  • Hardwood cabinets
  • Solid wood trim

Custom home manufacturing is ideal for:

  • Families just staring out
  • Growing families
  • Anyone who has reached retirement age who wants a home design to suit their new found lifestyle or special needs

Any of our designs can be modified. Our computer design system lets you make changes to any layout to suit your individual tastes in style, comfort and spaciousness without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Superior design and high quality make our floors are the strongest in the industry.

2 X 8 (24' wide) or 2 X 10 (26' wide and up) kiln-dried lumber floor joist at 16" o/c, double perimeter beams, 5/8" T&G plywood with plywood underlay under the vinyl flooring means that year in and year out you'll enjoy the luxury of quality.

Walls are constructed with 2 X 6 kiln-dried lumber, 16" o/c with full 2 X 6 top and bottom plates. Plywood exterior sheathing is installed to provide maximum air tightness.

Vinyl siding, shutters and windows insure a totally maintenance free exterior for the life of your home.

Engineered roof trusses with 4/12 pitch are designed for maximum load. (5/12, 6/12 pitch is optional). 12/12 pitch is standard on Capes.

30 YEAR WARRANTY on 235 lb. asphalt shingles are installed to guarantee long lasting good looks for years to come.

Residential doors and windows are installed to provide maximum energy efficiency and security.

Solid wood frame kitchen cabinets with oak doors will provide you with years of beauty and lasting value.

Solid wood trim stained or painted provides you with warmth and beauty of wood for years to come.

All materials used in the construction of our modular homes are of the highest quality to assure a lifetime of comfortable living with minimum maintenance.

All our homes come installed with a Central Air Exchange system to allow your home to breathe, so that you can breathe easier.

This system helps eliminate condensation, stale stagnant air, pollen, dust, toxic fumes from domestic cleaning products, cigarette smoke, cooking and pet odors.