What is the Atlantic Home Warranty Program?

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Protecting that investment is the next step to a comfortable and secure living. We have warranties on our cars, stereos, and even minor kitchen appliances. However, for the biggest investment, few of us bother to find out if we are protected. The Atlantic Home Warranty Program (AHWP), a non-profit company of Atlantic homebuilders, was established in 1976 to supply this peace of mind. Never buy a new home without it!

How long is my house protected?

Members of the Program offer their clients 7-year limited home warranty. The details are listed below. For information on how to purchase additional warranty protection prior to taking possession of your new home, visit the website at www.ahwp.org

What protection does the Home Warranty give me?

1. Deposit Protection, up to a maximum of $10,000.

2. A guarantee that the builder will repair any defects in workmanship or materials during the first year of ownership.

3. Protection against major structural defects during the remainder of the warranty period to a maximum of $30,000.

4. A conciliation service to handle any disagreements between you and your builder during the first year.

Government organizations have no legislation to protect home buyers in this capacity. The Atlantic Home Warranty Program is the only non-profit organization to offer this coverage.

What is not covered by my Warranty?

The following are examples of what is not covered (please contact AHWP for complete details on coverage):

  • defects in materials, appliances, design and workmanship supplied by the purchaser;
  • surface defects in workmanship or materials already apparent and accepted by the purchaser at the date of possession;
  • defects resulting from improper maintenance on the part of the purchaser, and damage caused by dampness or condensation;
  • detached patios, garages and driveways.

How is my deposit protected?

Your deposit is protected through a Program Deposit Receipt that can only be issued by AHWP. When you place a down payment on your home to the builder, the builder will request the Deposit Receipt and the Program will then issue the receipt to the builder at the time of registration of your home. A copy will then be given to you. With a copy of the Deposit Receipt, the Program insures coverage protection of your deposit up to $10,000.

How do I know when I am covered by the Warranty?

When your new home is built and ready for occupation, you will complete, sign and date a Certificate of Possession. Warranty coverage begins once the Program receives their copy of the certificate. (The Warranty is subject to the builder and purchaser signing the C.O.P. and forwarding the appropriate copy to the Program.) You will then be issued your 7-Year Warranty Certificate.

What if I buy or sell a house under Warranty?

A warranty from the Atlantic Home Warranty Program is automatically transferable and increases the value of your home. The Warranty stays with the house, not the owner. The new owners should contact the Program to determine the remaining length of warranty coverage.