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From the very beginning, my experience with Northrup Homes has been extremely positive. The staff have gone above and beyond to ensure that my first home buying experience has been as seamless and stress free as possible. My sales agent, Doug Brown, even went so far as to assist with some basic landscaping, on his day off, to ensure that I was happy with my lot. All of the staff at Northrup Homes are friendly and knowledgeable, and their flexible hours make it very easy to work around both my work and personal life commitments.

I hope to eventually upgrade to a larger home, and when I do, I plan to return to Northrup Homes. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to purchase anything from a mini-home to a three story modular home, and everything in between.

Mary Oley

In the fall of 2012, my husband and I thought it necessary to build a daycare in the Rusagonis community, to better serve its residents and the adjacent communities. This dream became a reality in the spring of 2013 through Northrup homes. Doug Brown and his team were very instrumental throughout the process and have impressed with their professionalism, conciseness and know-how. Once again, we are very grateful to Northrup homes and would love to have them again.

Lindsay and Walter

We have the home of our dreams, thanks to Northrup Homes. Doug Brown worked with us every step of the way. He was very detailed oriented and helped us to design an amazing new home. Thanks!

Wendy Bradley

Northrup Homes is a company that will do absolutely everything they can to help a customer. We are so thankful for the team at Northrup Homes, for they truly are the reason we have a beautiful and HEALTHY home to raise our family in today. The home we lived in became unhealthy for everyone. When we went to Northrups, they were determined to get us that healthy home. And they were true to their word. They went above and beyond, and we are so grateful.

Kendall and Larissa

We would like to thank ALL the staff of Northrup Homes. We’re so happy with our SECOND home from Northrup. Right from the moment we started with Holly, we knew things would go so smooth and they did. Big thanks to Elizabeth… Her weekly updates made the time go so fast and kept us informed! Finally to Doug Brown,e truly made us feel at ease and his knowledge in the business helped us build the home we wanted. We look forward to working with you all on our next home. Thank You!

Trina and Derek Toole

Dealing with Rick and staff was an absolute pleasure. He truly made us feel like his only customers, which was amazing. He always had time to talk and answer any questions that we had. Any issues or concerns that we've had since we started this amazing journey have been addressed right away and always with the highest level of professionalism. We’d definitely recommend Northrup Homes to anyone we know. Thank you for helping us own our first home!

Nicole Harris and Scott Gerrior

Dear Northrup Homes, we would like to thank your staff who made building our first home together not only possible but a wonderful experience. Thank you to Rick for working with us and for surprising us with a few upgrades to our home, to Holly for helping make it financially possible, to Jamie for his expertise and to Elizabeth for the greatly appreciated (and unexpected) weekly updates. Also to anyone else who may have been involved. Matthew and I love our new home and would highly recommend Northrup Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. We feel that they treated us as friendly neighbours, even family, rather than just another business transaction. With Northrup Homes in business, there’s simply nowhere else to purchase a home. They are second to none.

Matthew and Vanessa Cabana

To new-home buyers, Northrup Homes has just built a wonderful bungalow for me. It’s a beautiful example of the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that one would expect from a Maple Leaf quality home. I had very high expectations entering into the process of ordering a custom built modular home and I’m happy to say that I’m thrilled with the end result. Everyone who has seen my new house has been impressed with the workmanship and evident quality. I want to thank all of the staff at Northrup Homes, but especially Doug Brown. His extensive knowledge, expertise, and patience were invaluable to me, and he was there every step of the way. From customizing the floor plan to final walk-through, Doug helped to make a lifestyle changing transition for me that much easier. I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Northrup Homes to anyone considering a new home.

Jan Hicks

Almost two years now, my wife and I walked into Northrup Homes with little to no expectations. We asked to see one of the mini homes. From that moment on, we knew that our forever home was coming from here.
The service and friendliness was so much better than some of the other places we went to. That day, we thought we knew exactly what we wanted. We sat down with one of the salesman and he listened to our story and what we wanted and needed. After all the plans were done and we were happy with them, we were taken to the lots to pick want we wanted. We decided on a beautiful one acre lot full of sunlight. We were brought back to the office and finished the paperwork.
Everything was going great until the financing fell through. Nevertheless, these people did not give up on us. They did not give our lot away to the next buyer. In fact, we were able to get a house instead because of the wait, which was a considerable amount of time.
I am sitting on my couch, in my living room, writing this and I can't help but feeling that if it wasn't for the folks at Northrup Homes, this would have never happened.
My wife and I would like to give a special thanks to all the staff and crew that worked on our home. Thank you.

Carl and Debbie

I spent many weeks searching for that perfect home and the first time I walked into Northrups, I was greeted with professionalism and an eagerness to assist.

Doug took the time and listened to what I was looking for in a home and to help make my vision a reality. Once the home building process began, I was sent weekly updates and timelines on my home's progress. All I have to say is "promises made, promises kept".

When the time came for my walk-thru, I saw that my dream was now a reality. Everything was perfect, just as I envisioned it would be.

This is a home that I can spend many comfortable years in, enjoying with family and friends.

Thank you Doug and the team at Northrups!

Sheila Adshade

In the spring of 2020 I found myself managing my mother’s affairs after the death of my father. It was apparent that Mom could not live alone in her beautiful 2 storey house at the top of a long steep driveway. The family decided the best solution would be to move her into a “granny pod” on my sister’s farm. My husband and I began looking at various modular house companies. We needed someone who could work with us to design the perfect mini home for a frail elderly lady. We needed a company who could meet our unexpectedly tight time line. My mother’s house sold more quickly than we had expected.
Doug Brown and the team at Northrup Homes were amazing. Every little detail was dealt with quickly with the minimum of fuss. Mom was moved in to her beautiful new home and is very happy. The house is just the right size to meet her needs and it looks like it has been on the lot forever.
For anyone who is looking for an affordable well built home I would heartily recommend Northrup Homes.

Karen Shackleton

Northrup Homes is a company who goes above and beyond a customer needs when purchasing a new mini home. From day one I was so impressed with the easiness of making the right decisions from the lot area, the interior choices and time line. Doug and his professional staff kept me well informed of weekly updates. I would recommend Northrup Homes for all first time buyers.

It was the right time the right place with the right people!

Anne Campbell